Touch Tracker

Annual Company Touch Tracker

Meeting with management and visiting companies is an important part of our investment process. We are searching the globe for undiscovered gems. Each company's financial history tells a story to help us find the most interesting small companies, but after having met with thousands of management teams through the years we also know that we can gain valuable insights into a company's strategy, competitors, industry, and the management team's ability to execute their long-term business plan by taking the time to talk with them and to build a relationship with the leaders of our companies. This is the final step in helping us distinguish between good companies and great companies.

The table below tracks the meetings we've had with companies located in each of these countries over the past twelve months. Our team is almost constantly traveling the world, but we are also regularly having conference calls with management teams. This tracker includes both in-person and conference call meetings (it does not include quarterly earnings calls or other public meetings in which we may also be in attendance).

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