Sustainability Framework

Grandeur Peak strives to achieve world-class standards across everything we do. This means we are continuously working to strengthen the analytical frameworks that underlie all aspects of our work. Sustainability issues, which can include environmental and social justice, along with management oversight and transparency, can have a material effect on a company’s long-term financial performance and, therefore, are an important component of the quality ratings our research team assigns to all companies held in our funds.

Stakeholder Equity

Our sustainability framework focuses on analyzing and influencing the extent to which our companies exercise stakeholder equity. We believe that the stakeholder equity profiles of our companies are financially material.

We Believe Sustainable Companies Exercise Stakeholder Equity

  • Companies have stakeholders beyond large shareholders (small shareholders and non-shareholders)
  • Some of these (non-large shareholder) groups have historically been marginalized and exploited
  • In our view, practices that marginalize and exploit stakeholders have long-term negative performance implications

Therefore, we believe companies with weak stakeholder equity profiles are unsustainable

Stakeholder Equity Profiles Are Material to Our Investment Strategy

  • The core objective of all Grandeur Peak Funds is long-term capital growth
  • We seek long-term capital growth by buying and holding what we believe to be best-in-class companies
  • Unsustainable companies are, in our opinion, not best-in-class companies that we can hold long term

Therefore, companies’ stakeholder equity profiles are material to our investment strategy

Stakeholder Equity Work Requires Our Focused Attention

Understanding and analyzing stakeholder equity deserves our focused attention, which we divide into standards of independent research, company engagement and universal treatment

  • Independence: Our own investment team leads our stakeholder equity work
  • Engagement: We strive to do deep dives with the companies in our portfolios
  • Universality: Our objective is to apply our stakeholder equity work to each of our funds

We believe that working to strengthen the sustainability profiles of our funds is in our common interest as shareholders, as well as the right thing to do. And doing this in the right way requires hard work, consistent with our framework. Our goal is to continue engaging our sustainability framework to find and invest in companies that will generate long-term capital growth for our clients

Sustainability Policy available upon request.

Global Coalition

Collaborating with people who we believe to be best-in-class asset managers around the world is an important part of our culture and process. One way that collaboration happens is common affiliation with progressive sustainable investment organizations. We are proud members of the following organizations, in the interest of strengthening shareholder justice.

Environmental & Social Impact at Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak offers financial support to all of its employees taking steps to decarbonize. At present, the firm offers employees an electric (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) subsidy, as well as a comprehensive local public transportation benefit called the Hive Pass. The firm also currently subsidizes solar panels for employees’ residences.

We work to expand opportunities for women and minorities historically underrepresented in the financial services industry. Our outreach initiatives include scholarships at local universities, on-campus engagement and sponsoring networking opportunities for the local financial services industry.