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Emerging Markets (GPEOX/GPEIX)
Global Contrarian (GPGCX)
Global Explorer (GPGEX)
Global Micro Cap (GPMCX)
Global Opportunities (GPGOX/GPGIX)
Global Reach (GPROX/GPRIX)
Global Stalwarts (GGSOX/GGSYX)
International Opportunities (GPIOX/GPIIX)
International Stalwarts (GISOX/GISYX)
US Stalwarts (GUSYX)

*Note: This document is the proxy voting record for Financial Investors Trust (the “Trust”), which is the legal entity that serves as the registered investment company for the Grandeur Peak Funds. Grandeur Peak Funds constitutes a “series” of the Trust; each series represents a unique family of funds, sponsored and managed by a different registered investment adviser (e.g. Grandeur Peak Global Advisors). This document contains the proxy voting records for the various funds that comprise the Trust

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