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Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund (GPROX/GPRIX)

The Global Reach Fund focuses on identifying best-in-class companies and great equity investment opportunities throughout the world.

Fund Facts
Style: Global Small/Micro Cap
Status: Hard Close*
Inception: 6/19/2013
Total Net Assets: $306.1 Millionas of 09/01/2015
Investor Class
Symbol: GPROX
CUSIP: 31761R104
Net Asset Value: $12.13 as of 09/01/2015
Daily % Change: -2.10% as of 09/01/2015
Expense Ratio1: Gross 1.88% / Net 1.64% as of 08/31/2014
Minimum Investment: $2000/$100 UTMA
Institutional Class
Symbol: GPRIX
CUSIP: 31761R203
Net Asset Value: $12.14 as of 09/01/2015
Daily % Change: -2.18% as of 09/01/2015
Expense Ratio1: Gross 1.72% / Net 1.39% as of 08/31/2014
Minimum Investment: $100,000


A diversified portfolio of our favorite global equities with a strong bias towards small and micro cap companies. Investments will include companies based in the U.S., developed foreign countries, and emerging/frontier markets. The portfolio has flexibility to adjust its investment mix by market cap, country, and sector in order to invest where we believe the best global opportunities currently exist. Expected to typically have 300-500 holdings.


For more information about the Global Reach Fund please visit the FAQ page.

Fund Managers

Robert Gardiner, CFA: Mr. Gardiner is a highly acclaimed portfolio manager who has been involved in managing small and micro cap equity portfolios since 1986.

Blake Walker: Mr. Walker is an award-winning portfolio manager who has been investing alongside Mr. Gardiner since 2001, with a particular focus on foreign micro and small cap stocks.

Amy Sunderland, CFA: Ms. Sunderland has been working with Robert & Blake, investing in small and micro cap stocks, since 2003.

Randy Pearce, CFA, MBA: Mr. Pearce began investing in small and micro cap stocks alongside Robert & Blake in 2005.

Spencer Stewart: Mr. Stewart’s investment experience has focused on small & micro cap stocks since 2001.

Why We Started This Fund

We had previous experience managing a global fund. Through our travels around the world visiting companies it had become clear to us that in order to understand a company's potential we had to understand its customers, competitors, and suppliers on a global scale. In doing so we found a tremendous number of high quality, growing, and underfollowed small/micro cap companies abroad. To invest in Best-In-Class companies and to find the best investment opportunities the fund had to be a global fund.

Among more than 30,000 companies in our investment universe it is easy for us to find 300-500 companies (1-2% of our universe) that we believe are very interesting investments. This broader basket of holdings provides a more diversified Fund for shareholders, while also serving as an umbrella portfolio to all of the other Grandeur Peak Funds. If we manage this Fund well, all of our other Funds become much easier to manage.

*Closed to all investors, except existing investors with an established automatic investment plan and/or an established position in a retirement account.

1 Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC (the "Adviser"), has agreed to waive and/or reimburse fees or expenses in order to limit Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses After Fee Waiver/Expense Reimbursement (excluding acquired fund fees and expenses, brokerage expenses, interest expenses, taxes and extraordinary expenses) to 1.60% and 1.35% of the Fund’s average daily net assets for the Fund’s Investor Class Shares and Institutional Class Shares, respectively. This agreement is in effect through August 31, 2016. The Adviser will be permitted to recover, on a class-by-class basis, expenses it has borne through this agreement to the extent that the Fund’s expenses in later periods fall below the annual rates set forth in this agreement or in previous agreements. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Fund will not be obligated to pay any such deferred fees and expenses more than three years after the end of the fiscal year in which the fee and expenses was deferred. This agreement may not be terminated or modified prior to this date except with the approval of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

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An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Click the link to obtain a Grandeur Peak Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund Prospectus, Grandeur Peak Global Opportunities Fund Prospectus, Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund Prospectus, Grandeur Peak Global Stalwarts Fund Prospectus, Grandeur Peak International Opportunities Fund Prospectus, or Grandeur Peak International Stalwarts Fund Prospectus, which contain this and other information, or call 1.855.377.PEAK (7325). Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Important Risks

Mutual fund investing involves risks and loss of principal is possible.

Investing in small and micro cap funds will be more volatile and loss of principal could be greater than investing in large cap or more diversified funds.

Investing in foreign securities entails special risks, such as currency fluctuations and political uncertainties, which are described in more detail in the prospectus. Investments in emerging markets are subject to the same risks as other foreign securities and may be subject to greater risks than investments in foreign countries with more established economies and securities markets.

Investing in foreign and smaller companies risks may increase the volatility of the funds and the potential loss of principal.

Grandeur Peak Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc. (ADI). Separately Managed Accounts and related investment advisory services are provided by Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, a federally regulated Investment Advisor. ADI is not affiliated with Grandeur Peak Global Advisors.

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